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6 Signs You Need a New Roof

Repairing or replacing roofs is one of the most worrying problems for the majority of homeowners. It is not easy to know the signs that require roofing services from professionals. Sanderson Roofing has listed the signs that you need to get a new roof installed in this blog.

We have been offering reliable roofing services since 1895 and are the most respected and oldest roofing contractor in the Ottawa region. We specialize in roofing services such as flat roof and shingle roof replacement and repair.

Go through the signs that you need a new roof:

1. Age of the Roof

It is wise to consider a replacement if your roof is over 40 years. If you are not sure about the age of the roof, consider figuring out the age of the home or contact the previous owners of your home. If you live in a neighbourhood and everyone is performing roof replacement, you should also consider the same.

2. Start in the Attic

Inspect the attic for beams of light coming in or discolouration, streaks or stains on the floor. There could be holes where the sunlight falls on or leaks where water has moved in. It’s best to call a professional if you have multiple areas from where with sunlight falls.

3. Inspect Your Shingles

Do shingles get littered in your yard after heavy storms? It’s not supposed to happen. Shingles are supposed to lie flat against the roof. You may need replacement if you are noticing cracked patches, divots or buckling.

4. Fresh Flashing

Y Flashing is very crucial, as it surrounds skylights, vents, chimneys. However, these seams and seals can crack over time and may lead to major roofing problems that might not be noticeable. Call a professional immediately if you suspect such damage.

5. Roof Sagging

Your roof needs replacement if it is sagging because it is damaged and is no longer structurally safe. Inspect the lowest parts of your roof carefully for sagging. This is often where pools of water move in and cause rot or damage.

6. Moss Growth on Your Shingles

Mould or moss growth over your shingles is a major concern. Growth may happen for several reasons. A Replacement may be needed immediately if the problem includes dangerous algae or fungus.


The experienced and licensed team Sanderson Roofing is well trained in both residential roofing and commercial flat roofing. We can help you identify whether you need roofing repair or replacement.

Call us if you need roofing services such as flat roof or shingle roof installment and maintenance.


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