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Roof Ice & Snow Removal

Prevent Damage with Roof Snow Removal Services in Ottawa

For the Ottawa homeowner, snow and ice build-up on the roof is inevitable. An accumulation of snow is not problematic because our homes and businesses are built to accommodate it. Ice, on the other hand, can be a major problem. Ice can fall to the ground injuring people and damaging property. It can also cause ice damming and winter leaks. With 125 years of roofing experience, Sanderson Roofing can help prevent such damages to your residential property with roof snow removal services in the Ottawa region.

With the fairly recent introduction of ice and water membranes and stack roof vents, the ice-damming problem has been greatly reduced, but it still occurs on some buildings. It is usually a product of inadequate attic insulation, poor attic venting, lack of an ice membrane under the shingles, or complex roof profiles that encourage pockets of snow to accumulate.

If you notice a significant accumulation of ice at the eaves of your roof, you should contact a professional roofer to have it promptly removed. Do not attempt to do it yourself, because you could get seriously injured or cause considerable property damage! The ice can release without warning, and with great force! Furthermore, inexperienced workers will likely damage your roof.

If you continually have ice-damming problems, you should contact Sanderson Roofing to see if any long-term solutions are available. Please note that no roofer, including Sanderson’s, cover ice damming or ice and snow removal in their warranties. It is part of normal home maintenance for Canadian owners.


Trust Our Experience

Sanderson Roofing has been doing roof snow cleaning for 125 years, so we can remove ice safely without damaging your roof, your property, or your neighbour’s property. Unlike re-roofing, snow and ice clearing is done on an hourly rate basis rather than by estimate. Please give us a call if you need our help!

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Celebrating our 125th year in business, we take great pride in being the top choice for residential and commercial roofing services in the Ottawa region.

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