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Roofing Services

A Full Suite of Roofing Services for Ottawa Homes and Businesses

Common roofing problems faced by homeowners are broken shingles or tiles. Be it small cracks or shrinkage, it needs immediate attention. Ignoring these problems for a prolonged period can cause accidents and cost you dearly.

Trust Sanderson Roofing to help you with affordable and long-term solutions. We are renowned for our high-quality services and you can count on our experienced contractors. Our roofing services in Ottawa include installation, maintenance, and replacement.

Common Roofing Problems

Call us as soon as you notice the following roofing problems:


Leaky roofs: A leaking roof can cause severe damages to your property if not dealt with in time. It can also create a build-up moisture, resulting in damp walls and multiple other issues.

Roof blow-offs: SSevere windstorms can blow your roof off. If you notice any part of it damaged after a storm, or if you want to get a routine inspection done, feel free to call us.

Poor installation: Not having your roof installed correctly in the first place can lead you to face costly repairs in the future. You must keep in mind only to hire quality and dependable roofing contractors.

Ponding water: Having standing water is one of the most common problems on a flat roof. It is primarily caused due to insufficient drainage. If you have an uneven roof surface, then that can also cause your drainage to be obstructed. This can easily be rectified with scheduled roof maintenance

Poor maintenance: Routine maintenance can help you keep your roofs healthy and in mint condition for a longer period. Letting a series of minor repairs build-up over time can lead to spending more money than you planned on. 

Ice and Snow damage: Damage caused by ice and snow can cause winter leaks, structural damage, and shingle deterioration. Moreover, the additional weight can gravely damage your roof.

Blistering and ridges: Roof blisters occur due to rising temperatures, i.e., trapped air and moisture left behind the roofs’ layers. It is common for low-sloped as well as flat roofing in Ottawa.

Loose flashings: Roof flashings seal and protect the buildings’ joints from water penetration. When flashings are loose or poorly installed, they can cause holes or cuts on your roofs. This causes higher risks of a leak.

Ottawa Roofing Specialists

Sanderson Roofing specializes in residential roofing and commercial roofing. Our experienced estimators carefully evaluate your roofing needs to determine the most cost-effective and suitable solutions for you.

You can come to us for our six services:

Residential Roofing

Sanderson Roofing provides incomparable residential roof repair and installation services to Ottawa residents.

Commercial Roofing

Sanderson Roofing has completed countless Ottawa commercial roofing projects in its many years of business.

Flat Roof Repairs & Replacement

Over time, weather can cause flat roof aging and damage. Regular roof inspections ensure that major deterioration can be prevented.

Shingle Roof Repairs & Replacement

Over time, weather can cause damage to sloped roofs, not properly maintained.


Ontario winters can cause a build-up of ice and snow on rooftops. We remove ice and snow and offer long-term solutions.


Need a new Roof? Call Sanderson Roofing for flat and shingled roof repairs and replacement.

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Call our experts for roofing services in Ottawa today. We will help you with routine maintenance and emergency repairs. Request a free estimate to discuss roofing requirements.

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