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When to Call a Roofer for Snow and Ice Buildup


Winters get freezing and snowy in Ottawa, with the average temperature getting down to -25°C. Snow and ice can quickly accumulate on your roof, causing dangerous and potentially deadly situations. You should not attempt to climb up on your roof yourself during hazardous weather. Hiring a roofer in Ottawa to get rid of roof ice build-up is essential. It can be difficult to know when is the right time to give the best roofer in Ottawa a call. This guide will discuss when to call a roofer for snow build-up so you can keep yourself and those around your property safe.


Watch Out for Ice Dams

One of the main causes of roof damage during winter is from ice dams. Ice dams form when the snow melts on top of your roof. It then refreezes before it can drain through your structure's gutter system. As it refreezes, it creates a "dam" that prevents other snowmelt from draining through the gutters. The newly melted ice and snow back up underneath your roof's shingles. It seeps into your roof deck, causing mold growth and water damage.

Don't Let Snow Accumulate

Your roof is designed to withstand heavy snow loads, but sometimes Ottawa can get more snow than your roof can handle. Snow can get dumped onto your roof and weigh it down by about five pounds per square foot. More than one foot of snow on your roof could add thousands of extra pounds onto it. That doesn't take into account the weight of any ice dams that might have formed as well. A single cubic foot of ice weighs around 57 pounds. Your roof can quickly reach maximum weight capacity on days with heavy snowfall. Decreasing the amount of stress on your roof is essential. If you notice snow build-up on your residential roof, contact a roofer for roof snow build-up removal immediately.

How to Avoid Ice Dams

While a snowstorm can sneak up on you anytime, prevention is the key. You can install heated cables along your roof's edge. Heated cables work to prevent ice dams from forming during and after storms. They heat your roof from the outside instead of blowing air from the inside. You can also increase the ventilation and add in more insulation in your attic. The goal is to keep the roof of your house at the same temperature as the eaves are. But, piling on additional insulation won't solve the real problem. You will have to focus on fixing any incorrectly installed insulation and plugging insulation gaps. These preventative measures can make a major difference. It is important not to try to remove ice dams yourself. You not only risk damaging your roof but also can harm yourself in the process. Contact an Ottawa roofer as soon as a heavy snowstorm hits.

Partner With an Experienced Roofer in Ottawa

If the weather report shows that a major storm is heading your way, it is best to contact a roofer in Ottawa as soon as possible. Hiring a roofer for ice and snow build-up remediation is essential to protect your roof as well as your loved ones. Contact us today to schedule a quote for ice and snow removal services.


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