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How We Respond to Wind Storms & Destroyed Roofs in Ottawa

Fierce Wind Storms Harm Ottawa Residents and Buildings!

Men and women were knocked to the ground from powerful winds on April 28, 2011.

In Ottawa, Two women for hospitalized for head injuries, a 26-year old woman has serious fractures to both lower legs from a tree fall, and another woman suffered back injuries from flying debris.

In other part of Ontario, a man in Grimsby was killed when he was hit by his garage door after it was caught in the wind.

High winds toppled trees and downed power lines, with gusts of more than 80 km/h reported in some areas. Firefighters were dispatched to more than 75 calls and were “stretched to the limit,” Ottawa Fire Department spokesman Marc Messier said.

Strong winds may have also shorted wires in the aluminum siding of a house at an Alta Vista home at 1707 Edge Hill Place, causing heavy fire damage. An elderly woman who owns the home has been displaced and will be staying with family, Messier said.

Damage to the building was estimated at $350,000, and damage to the contents was estimated at $50,000.

One Manotick resident on River Road watched helplessly as high winds ripped off half the roof of his barn. “It threw it into the field like it was made of matchsticks,” David Delorme said. “I’ve lived here for 23 years and I’ve never been so scared.” Delorme is a roofer by trade, and said that, while Thursday’s storm was terrible, it could serve as a blessing in disguise, giving a boost to the stagnant roofing industry.

“Nature works in funny ways,” he said. “With all of the shingles torn off homes, it’s going to be crazy at work with everyone trying to get repairs.”


Windstorm Numbers

  • Calls to Ottawa police about dangerous conditions caused by the wind storm: About 500

  • Wind-related injuries treated by paramedics: 7

  • Calls to Sanderson Roofing about damaged roofs: About 300

  • Campaign signs Nepean-Carleton Conservative candidate Pierre Poilievre estimates he will have to replace after they were blown away: 50 Hydro poles knocked down on McArthur Avenue: 7

This article was reported by the Ottawa Citizen. We want to highlight the damage that can result from a severe windstorm like this one. It is important to do routine inspections and maintenance on your roofs to prevent costly and harmful destruction like experienced by some of these home and business owners.

Like stated in this article “nature works in funny ways” – there is nothing we can do to prevent these natural storms except being prepared.


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