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4 Steps for Getting Your Roof Winter-Ready

Your roof protects you and your family from the elements, especially during the colder winter months. Between hail, snow and ice, winter weather can be somewhat unforgiving.

One of the best ways to prepare your roof for the winter is to perform a thorough roof inspection in the fall and carry out all necessary maintenance and repairs before first freeze.

Follow these four preventative steps to protect your roof against winter’s wrath:

  1. Clear gutters. Once the last of the leaves have fallen from the trees around your home, take the time to carefully inspect and clean your gutters. Remove all leaves, pine needles and any other debris from your gutter system that can clog the downspouts and cause water from melted snow or ice to overflow. Keep in mind that a surplus of water in your gutter system can cause damage to your roof, trim and siding, leading to costly repairs.

  2. Inspect for damages and signs of wear. Grab a pair of binoculars or a stable ladder and inspect your roof for any telltale signs of damage or excessive wear. Make sure to replace all missing, cracked or frayed shingles to prevent water from infiltrating your home. Additionally, check for damaged flashings around chimneys and skylights.

  3. Keep an eye out for water spots. Sometimes, cracks and other signs of damage aren’t visible to the naked eye. In addition to inspecting your home’s exterior, you should also look at the ceilings of your home for any signs of water infiltration. If you notice water spots along your ceilings and/or walls, chances are you have a leak that requires your immediate attention.

  4. Check insulation. Insulation is critical to an energy-efficient home. Wet or damaged insulation provides little protection against the cold, causing your heating bills to skyrocket. What’s more, it can cause mould and mildew to invade your living space, putting your family’s health at risk. Poor ventilation is a primary cause of moisture buildup in the attic.



Preparing your roof for the winter is an essential household chore to ensure your family’s safety, protect your home from damage and avoid unnecessary costly repairs. However, you shouldn’t have to put your own safety at risk—hire a professional roofing inspector instead!

As Ottawa’s oldest and most respected full-service roofing contractor, Sanderson Roofing has the expertise and know-how to take care of all your maintenance and repair needs. We’ll thoroughly inspect the current condition of your roof and make sure it’s winter-ready to guarantee your family is well protected from the elements.

Has your roof seen better days? Call Sanderson Roofing in Ottawa today to book a professional roofing inspection or to find out more about our wide range of services.


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